Leonello Capodaglio

Leonello Capodaglio, Italian musician of international fame (Lendinara, Veneto) studied in Venice with Gian Francesco Malipiero and Ugo Amendola (Composition) Gino Gorini (Piano) Aegis Giordani Sartori (Harpsichord) Franco Ferrara (Conducting).

He won the following awards international musical composition: l '"Atoll" of choral composition, organized by the Academy Haute de Lutece, Paris, 1972; the "Valentino Bucchi" for a piano, Rome, 1979, the "D'Alessi" of sacred music, Treviso, 1981, the "Diapason d'argento" Dialing for banda, on the anniversary of Bimillenario Virgilian, Gonzaga, 1981, the Chamber Composition Competition sponsored by the Friends of the Sorrentine Peninsula, Naples, 1987, the International Competition for the "seventh centenary of the translation of the Holy House" reserved for a Mass for chorus a cappella, Loreto, 1994; the Composition Competition for Organ called dall'AGIMUS, Varenna, 2000, the European Competition for Composition for Piano Association Curci, Barletta, 2001.

Author of 306 opus numbers, has had more than three hundred programming in Italy, even in monographs (the piano works, the whole harp, etc..) And piped RAI. It is also regularly performed abroad (France, Germany, England, Belgium, Croatia, Russia, Japan, Canada, Bulgaria, Moldova, USA). His original works are the most significant oratorios for soloists, chorus and orchestra Vittrice The Cross (1984) text by Archbishop Giuseppe Del Ton, Prothonotary Apostolic, De Sanctae Sophiae Angore Souls (1998) and De Rebus Mirandis Episcopi Biagi (2003) ; the cantata's Marian Dawn (1987) from the sonnets of Francesco De Lemene; operas Fornarina (1994) libretto by Aleardo Aleardi, Callirhoe, (1999) libretto by Luigi Pirandello and Fanny (2010) by James Leopardi, The Beauty, set of six concertos for solo instrument and orchestra (oboe, violin, piano, cello, trumpet, harp) the Gratia, six suites for orchestra and Selva of Orpheus, twelve arias for tenor, violin, cello and piano .

Some of his works are "pieces of obligation" in national and international competitions for violinists and pianists. Has to his credit 183 publications of various kinds (from the aforementioned opera "La Fornarina" and "Callirhoe" in solo concerts, from instrumental chamber concert only) published by the major Italian music publishing (Zanibon, Carrara, De Santis Edipan, Berben , Eco, Eurarte, The Goose of Cairo, Physa, Sconfinarte, Slide of, Salatino) and foreign Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia (Switzerland), Bardon Enterprises (England and Germany), Phylloscopus Publications Spartan Press Alaw and Publishing (United Kingdom), Bayard-Nizet, Andel Music, Music Lantro, Golden River Music (Belgium) Alfonce, Aedam Musicae Billaudot, Fortin, Fuzeau, Armiane, Lafitan, Soldano (France), Imagine Music Publishing (USA) Lighthouse Music Publications (Canada) - the first Italian contemporary composer published by foreign publishers-such. His discography is present with eight titles, one of them as an annex to the volumes of the History of the Popes of history and Francesco Catanzaro Biagia Gligora, presented to Pope John Paul II. Moreover, the Souvenir piece for piano, performed by the same author, was registered by the State and Disco kept there.
 Many of his works are cataloged in various libraries (Rome, Milan, Florence central, Salesian Pontifical University, the New York Public Library, the Cleveland Public Library and Yale University in the United States, with 20 works in print) and at Musical Institute. His dash biography and catalog of the works are mainly published in the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Universal Music and Musicians (UTET, 1990), in 'International Who's Who in Music of the Biographical Centre of Cambridge (UK) in Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart ( G) in the Dictionary of Contemporary Musicians (Ed. harpsichord, Naples, 1994) in the Dictionary of Italian Music, Body Signatures in The Dictionary (Bergamo, 2003) in the Dictionary of Italian Music for Banda, in Enzyklopädie Musiktheaters den, in the Directory of Composers for Organ of the Royal School of Church Music, in Repertorium Orgelmusik of Schott Musik International Bibliographic Guide to Music, International Directory of Contemporary, Ars Organi, Dictionnaire du répertoire de la Harpe, The American Harp Journal, European Music Directory. Your news can be found in a dozen books on musicology, in all those web portals and specialized music (Musigramma (24), Foliomusic (11), Natos (Latvia) (4), Amazon (3), di-Arezzo ( 32), SheetMusicPlus (17), Free-scores (31) Freehandmusic (24), Sheetmusicdigital (57), merry-Partition (6), Pianosongbook (60), Musicainfo (9), Worldcat (48), AMIC, OPAC, JPC, Yale University, Washington University, Cleveland Public Library, etc..). On You Tube MP3 are three of his works.

It 's called "well-known for" functions of the Commissioner or the Chairman of the Committee in numerous festivals or music competitions, including the "V Bucchi "of Rome, the International Singing Competition of Adria, the National Choral Composition Competition" F. Cedolin "in Trieste, the National Competition for Chamber Opera of Adria, the International Competition of Opera singing" Bonafini - Ronconi "Lendinara. He re-founded and directed the Institute Musicale "Aureliano Ponzilacqua" Lendinara (1976-1984). He has held teaching of Theory, Composition and Piano. E 'was Director of the State Conservatory "Antonio Buzzolla" Adria (1995-1998). He has conducted several orchestras in more than 70 concerts (the "Benedetto Marcello" of Venice, "Pietro Lappi" Lendinara, the Conservatory Orchestra and the International Opera Center of Adria, the Youth Orchestra of Veneto, Padua, l ' Fifth Centennial Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra and currently the Venetian.

As an active scholar with several books published by Panda (Harmonies concertante, Jiminy gold Exercises Philharmonic, Fortune giovanesche, Ornate Suasorio) and the Centro Studi Tindari-Patti (Iconario extravagant) and other authors from Morcelliana of Brescia (Giuseppe Del Ton) and the Centre of the European MCL (Dictionary of the Poets of the Second Republic, Massa Carrara, 1995). Reviewed Papers on Humanism, led by Prof. Ettore Paratore (AIPC, Rome), has contributed to periodicals such as The Crossroads, the Almanac of Angelo Savaris Veneto, Counterpoint and the New Contrattempo. In 2005 he was awarded the National Award "Gianni Spagnol" Hearts Pavani with the historical novel, published by Editions Panda. He has also lectured in musicology at the University of People's Communes and institutions and at Adria in the Veneto. In a conference, in Rome, at the Chamber of Deputies, with simultaneous translation in three languages and recorded by RAI 3, described its discovery around the fonocromatica technique developed by Antonio Vivaldi.

It's been proclaimed Academic Senator for artistic merit within the AIPC, the International Academy of Moral Authority Cultural Propaganda in Rome, then appointed Managing Director for Triveneto.