Waterton Brass Music™, a small independent publisher of fine pdf sheet music for brass players and ensembles, was established in 2007 by R. Kevin Paul with nine of his own arrangements. WATERTON BRASS MUSIC™ LLC was formed in 2009 and is a member of the Music Publishers Association of the United States. Our catalog has grown to include over 230 titles from 45 composers and arrangers. We honor the creativity and artistry of our contributors by paying the industry's highest royalty rates.

Our mission is to publish high-quality pdf and print music for brass ensembles that is practical (no E-flat trumpet parts, tolerable ranges, fair prices) and accessible both to the performers and their audiences - whether it be for concerts/recitals, weddings, religious services, graduations, commercial engagements, or educational venues. You'll find arrangements and transcriptions of works spanning five centuries, as well as some well-crafted original New Music. We love working with composers and are proud to publish New Music. We hope to contribute something meaningful to the brass ensemble repertoire and add something useful to your ensemble's library. Our catalog has something for ensembles at every level - from students to professionals, and everyone in between.

All of our music is engraved and typeset for visual clarity, and all of our publications have clearly-marked measure numbers and intelligent rehearsal letters. Our parts are laser-printed on the highest quality premium acid-free paper, and our PDF publications are prepared for high-resolution printing. We take pride in our publications, which all go through an editorial process and are not just re-packaged PDFs.

Waterton Brass Music™ is an ASCAP®-affiliated music publisher and member of the Music Publishers Association of the United States.